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from Digital Pineapple Over the past few years I have traveled and spoken to clients and groups in many industries and  one thing keeps getting interchanged as if it is the same and it really isn’t. I hear people talk about their SEO efforts to drive ...

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Impact of Mobile Devices on Your Marketing

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from Digital Pineapple We all have one right?  A smart phone, tablet or whatever else the latest and greatest technology there is out there.  Have you stopped to think about how you use this device?  How your customers use their devices?  Is your web ...

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Where is your traffic coming from?

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from Digital Pineapple While looking at our clients analytics this morning (yes that is how I start my day! coffee and stats, breakfast of geeks) I took some extra time to look at the geography of their traffic.  I talk a lot about the fact that our programs ...

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My Top 10 iPad Apps

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Okay…so I am on my second iPad and use it more and more each day.  It really is a great piece of technology!  It allows you to keep up with news, work, social media, and play some games all in a small package that is easy to travel with and serves as ...

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Session Materials – NALS Cincinnati (Join the Conversation)

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This post is acting as the materials for my session being held on Sunday, October 16 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I will be speaking to members of NALS…the association for legal professionals.   Social Media – Join the Conversation Okay…I ...

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Bad Commercials…seriously, Not Good

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Okay…so I did a post with some good commercials and now it is time to do one on some bad spots.  Some of these are local, some national and I am going to do a list of some things that make them bad.  They aren’t all totally bad…but some ...

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Good Commercials…at least I think so.

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So I have been in the marketing world for a decade now and have been working at an advertising agency (Pineapple Advertising) for a while now.  It is amazing how much more I pay attention to the quality and creativity in commercials now. Of course I have ...

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Dealing with Clients

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As a freelance designer for more than 10 years I have learned a lot about dealing with clients.  Might as well share some of those tips here on my blog…if you are a client and want to share expectations or your tips for freelancers, by all ...

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What should you blog about?

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I did a post over on my personal blog, Life of Letter 10, about what topics I should be blogging about and the more I thought about it the more valid the topic of topics seemed to be for businesses and professionals.  So here we are. How do you or your ...

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Dress Code…what does that mean?

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I recently saw a great post on Ragan’s PR Daily and it made me think.  The post is titled “Does your attire matter in the PR business?”.  Does it? I have been in the marketing/public relations/communications business for 10 years and I ...

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What do you know about the money you spend?

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So I have been working at an advertising agency full time for a few weeks now and one thing is really interesting to me.  It is that a lot of people don’t have any idea what kind of exposure they are getting for their advertising dollars.  They are ...

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New Opportunities

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There are some changes coming in my professional life in the next few weeks.  I have accepted a position with Pineapple Advertising here in Tulsa, and will be their Account Relations Director starting the end of March.  I am very excited about the new ...

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Super Bowl XLV – Commercials and Football

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Well we have experienced another Super Bowl and all the festivities that go with it.  I watched this year’s game the same way I have watched all the others, from the comforts of a home and a couch.  Since we are still battling the 20″ of snow we ...

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WordPress Plugins for Clients

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Today I am getting a new client website online and I am walking him through how he can use WordPress to best meet his marketing goals. I am also going to suggest a few of my favorite plugins and I think if you are using WordPress you should consider using ...

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My New Favorite Portfolio – iPad

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So I met with a potential client yesterday and I tried something new.  Instead of lugging around work samples and the good old portfolio I decided to load them onto my iPad and just take that.  I was able to load magazines and publications in PDF format and ...

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Personal Branding Using Social Media

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I gave a session in Branson for NALS…the association for legal professionals and my topic was social media.  I didn’t give the usual statistic riddled talk to drive home the fact that so many people are using social media and it shouldn’t be ...

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Add a Twitter Search Feed to Your Site

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If you use social media to help promote your events then why not consider creating a post on your site to include a feed of what people are saying right on your site?  This way those customers, members or fans of yours can follow along and see what they are ...

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Happily Ever After with Evernote

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Done as a guest blog for Practical Paralegalism Once upon a time there was a compulsive notetakerwho carried with him scratch pads of various sizes and colors to keep things organized. His briefcase was cluttered with these note pads to a point where he ...

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Social Media – Join the Conversation

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Imagine yourself walking into a massive dinner party with more people than you have ever seen, some you know and some you don’t, all enjoying themselves, talking, telling stories and sharing information.  Amazingly you can hear what everyone is saying at ...

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If you have visited the site in the recent past you probably noticed a different look and feel.  One of the things you might want to know about me is that most of my software knowledge is self taught…meaning that I like to get in and get dirty to learn ...

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