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If you use social media to help promote your events then why not consider creating a post on your site to include a feed of what people are saying right on your site?  This way those customers, members or fans of yours can follow along and see what they are missing?

This is a simple process thanks to TweetGrid. They give you a simple script coding that you can customize to show the results of whatever search term you would like to display.  I recently set this up for NALS…the association for legal professionals so that members not able to attend their 59th Annual Education Conference & National Forum could follow along with what was going on.  It is a great way to expose people not using Twitter to what they can get out of it and it will also keep your web traffic on your site rather than sending them to Twitter to see the search results.

You could also use this as a recommendation tool if you are confident enough to post a search displaying everything being said about  your brand.  A gutsy move that really shows confidence and will also give your customers the ultimate in transparency when visiting your site.

Check out what I set up for NALS and let me know your thoughts.  If you have another great application for this script please post it in the comments…we would love to see it!


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