My New Favorite Portfolio – iPad

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So I met with a potential client yesterday and I tried something new.  Instead of lugging around work samples and the good old portfolio I decided to load them onto my iPad and just take that.  I was able to load magazines and publications in PDF format and show them using iBooks.  The client was impressed by the demonstration and seemed to enjoy the iPad’s interface.

I also loaded logo work, advertising artwork and even some of my photography to the albums in photos and was able to open the album and hand the iPad to the client and allow them to zoom in and flip through my work as they wanted. When asked about website work I was able to take them directly to the sites I have built right on the iPad and they could interact with the sites and not just see a screen shot of the design.  It really made a better impact and gave the client something they probably don’t see everyday.

So I was able to save some paper, some time, and give the client a better experience in viewing my work.  If you were looking for another reason to purchase an iPad, maybe I just gave you another one.

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