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Today I am getting a new client website online and I am walking him through how he can use WordPress to best meet his marketing goals. I am also going to suggest a few of my favorite plugins and I think if you are using WordPress you should consider using these plugins on your sites as well.  I have used these plugins on several sites for my clients and they have helped their sites interact with social media more affectively and they have also improved their SEO statistics.

Number one is the “All In One SEO Pack”.  There are a lot of SEO plugins available and I am sure there are other great SEO plugins available but this is the one I have been most comfortable in using and it has proven to function at a high level.  One client has seen their search engine traffic increase by 20% over the last 4 months and their bounce rate has dropped to an insanely low 7%!  These stats started their dramatic shift just after this plugin was activated and they started utilizing its title, description and keyword input areas. The other variable into this equation was another plugin, “Google XML Sitemaps.”  This plugin creates and inserts a Google formatted sitemap to make sure that your data is being cataloged by search engines correctly.  These are both key components to increasing the traffic on your WordPress site.

For interacting with social media I recommend using “AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button”, “Social Media Widget” and “WordTwit”.  AddToAny makes it extremely simple for your readers to share your posts across a number of social media platforms and it is easy to find and easy to use.  “Social Media Widget” adds a nice area of social media icons linking your posts to your social media accounts.  It is easy to set up and looks great on your site.  Check out the side bar at www.nals.org to see what the widget looks like when used.  “WordTwit” is probably not my favorite but it does make things simple.  It allows you to post your new content to Twitter by simply adding the keyword “tweet” to your posts.  You can standardize the tweet so that they look as you would like them to and it makes sure your posts get shared on your Twitter feed.  I am not a proponent of automated tweets but this is a good way to make your new posts standardized on Twitter and you are sure not to forget to share one of them.

As a Google Analytics addict the next two are a must. “Google Analyticator” adds your Google Analytics coding into your site’s content giving you a ton of information about your site’s visitors and traffic.  “Google Analytics for WordPress” inserts your Google Analytics Dashboard information into your WordPress dashboard giving you a sampling of data each time you access your WordPress admin area.

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  • Video User Manuals January 20, 2011

    Don’t forget the WordPress Manual for clients, which contains video tutorials explaining everything about WordPress and it appears on your clients dashboard.

    Check out our series of free ebooks about a “Better WordPress for clients”, I think you will like them.


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