Super Bowl XLV – Commercials and Football

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Well we have experienced another Super Bowl and all the festivities that go with it.  I watched this year’s game the same way I have watched all the others, from the comforts of a home and a couch.  Since we are still battling the 20″ of snow we had during the previous week there were not a lot of festivities going on at our Super Bowl party…in fact it was just me, my wife and our dog (who slept the whole time).  We had left over pizza, a couple beers and enjoyed a relaxed evening.

So as someone in marketing I love the commercials…but as the son of a football coach I also love the game.  This gives me basically the halftime show to get up and move around, re-stock and do what I need to do.  I honestly can’t remember a combination of football and advertising that was as entertaining as last night.  Great football was played by two storied franchises coming down to the last minute of the game before the Green Bay Packers prevailed.  The commercials were for the most part all fairly good.  To me the winners of the evening were Pepsi Max (minus the halftime show sponsorship…that was an awful show), Volkswagen, Chrysler and Doritos.  That said, I have never had a Pepsi Max and still am not excited to try one.  I have owned a Volkswagen and I loved it, those commercials made me miss my Passat just a little and they absolutely represented their brand.  Chrysler went serious and formal with their ad and it worked.  “Imported from Detroit” tugged at the heart strings and represented the auto industry in America well…didn’t make me want a Chrysler but absolutely will make others look at them twice.  Let’s hope their cars can back it up.  This is turning into a great re-branding campaign.  As for Doritos, I love the fact that their creative was developed by a contest of customers.  They were funny and a little icky but they worked.

As for the losers well I would have to go with Coca-Cola on the top, Groupon second and Hyundai third.  Coke really missed the target this year.  Normally they have some cute, emotional spots that really do the job…this year they seemed to try too hard and had a strange mix of spots that just really didn’t do anything.  While I thought the Groupon spots were kind of funny they did not get any love on Twitter.  They were instantly receiving negative feedback regarding their use of worthy causes as the butt of their jokes.  We shall see how the public relations department will combat this publicity.  The last one is Hyundai…they just generally had the same old ads.  Nothing too bad really, just nothing real exciting so they are going to get missed in the clutter.

Now for the other stuff…I can’t believe that Christina Aguilera messed up the national anthem.  I really can’t.  I know it is live and that there is a lot of pressure but this wasn’t some executives daughter that they thought was cute and threw out there…she is a professional and has been doing performances in front of thousands of fans for years…no excuses.  The halftime show was terrible.  It sounded like they did the soundcheck during the first song.  The Black Eyed Peas’ costumes made me want to watch Tron more than they made me want to watch the show (what was on’s head?), and their stage didn’t even work properly.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse they decided to invite Slash and have Fergie sing drunken karaoke.  To top it off they drop Usher from the score board to just dance on stage.  Really?

Overall it was an entertaining evening made even more fun by Twitter.  It was great fun reading the realtime comments about the game and commercials…what did we do before Twitter?


  • Jay February 07, 2011

    I completely forgot my favorite spot of the night! It was the Bridgestone Beaver spot…I wasn’t a huge fan of their overall campaign but the beaver add was classic…and I knew it was about tires when it was done…great spot.

  • Rebecca February 07, 2011

    Okay – I LOVED the Bridgestone Beaver spot and it was my favorite, too. Liked the Chrysler spot and was drawn to the pug spot due to my love of pugs.

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