What do you know about the money you spend?

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So I have been working at an advertising agency full time for a few weeks now and one thing is really interesting to me.  It is that a lot of people don’t have any idea what kind of exposure they are getting for their advertising dollars.  They are not holding their agency, marketing people, media buyers, or anyone for that matter accountable for the dollars they are spending on advertising.  Coming from the non-profit world and dealing with small businesses I am shocked by this.  Hey big companies…take a note from the little guys!

Non-profits (small ones anyways) and small businesses want to know where every penny is spent and what they are getting for it.  And they should.  You are making the money and are working hard to keep your business afloat and if you are spending thousands of dollars on advertising you should not only see results, you should know how your dollars are being spent.  You should be told what programs your TV spots are running during and what kind of exposure these spots are generating for you.

I am happy to say that the agency I am working for now does a good job of telling clients when their ads run and what the reach, frequency, and cost per point are so that they can see the benefits of using a professional agency and media buyer.  We also are doing a good job with getting results…which really comes along with knowing where our client’s spots are running and how we can get the best value for them.

This is information you should be getting from your agency as well…if you are not, then demand it.  You have the right to know what you are getting!

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