What should you blog about?

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I did a post over on my personal blog, Life of Letter 10, about what topics I should be blogging about and the more I thought about it the more valid the topic of topics seemed to be for businesses and professionals.  So here we are.

How do you or your company come up with blog topics?  Are you focuses on what work is being done or what work you want to do?  Are you talking about your clients and their projects?  Are you simply a personal journal where you share the thoughts going through your head?  All of these are valid topics but the trick is keeping a focused blog running with frequent and consistent posts.

If you want consistent and frequent traffic to your blog then you have to be able to provide your readers with consistent content.  This means you have to schedule your posts out including the topic so that you can make sure that your posts are consistent.  I know what you are thinking…”Your posts aren’t even consistent.”  True.  I am trying to help you become better than I am!  I am also not specifically running a blog here, I am running a design and marketing business that provides visitors to the site with information that I feel will help them in these areas.

With that said if you are truly going to make the blog the focus of your website and business consistency is key.  Make a schedule of topics and times to make posts so that you are set to make these consistent posts.  You should also be willing to throw in short and sweet timely posts in between your scheduled ones to add value and numbers.  These posts will also help engage readers and fuel the conversation with your visitors.

Don’t be afraid to throw in some posts about the people at your business or some personal stories to give the blog a personality itself.  Just make sure you are not posting anything controversial about co-workers or clients, and DO NOT post anything about yourself that might be viewed in a negative light.  Everything you post is a reflection of you and your company and you should remember that.

At Pineapple Advertising (here’s the blog!)we like to post information about what we are doing in the office as well as what campaigns are running for our clients.  We will also take a look at what historically has happened on the date or any holidays and quirky things are going on.  We try to keep things fun and upbeat while giving readers information they will find interesting.

So the next time you sit down to make your blog post and you can’t think of anything take a look around you, ask co-workers or friends and look at your schedule to see what topic will work best!

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