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So I have been in the marketing world for a decade now and have been working at an advertising agency (Pineapple Advertising) for a while now.  It is amazing how much more I pay attention to the quality and creativity in commercials now.

Of course I have opinions on what is good and bad…I also asked my Facebook and Twitter friends to let me know what their thoughts were.  The first one that I absolutely agree with came from both Twitter and Facebook in the Toyota Venza spots featuring the 20-somethings kids talking about their parents boring lives…when in fact the parents are out living it up.  Here is one:

2011 Toyota Venza – Social Network

I absolutely love this campaign!  It hits home with my generation right now as I know my parents are out traveling the world now that my brother and I are out of the house.  They are clever enough to make you remember the spot and even if you don’t remember the model of car you do remember that it is Toyota.  Well done!

Another favorite from Facebook and the Pineapple office is the Travelers Insurance campaign featuring the dog and his bone…here is their latest:

Travelers Insurance – Stolen Bone

They do a wonderful job of evoking the emotion of the dog and his desire to protect his property…this latest one shows the sadness and panic in the dog and then shows the joy when his stolen property is replaced.  Great campaign and they are able to use a series of spots to show the many layers of Travelers Insurance…keeping the same look and feel in each spot so that their overall brand is supported.

Of course there are more great campaigns out there…I am a big fan of the current FedEx campaign, the Grab Some Buds campaign from Budweiser and the Imported from Detroit campaign from Chrysler are also top notch.  Thanks to those that submitted your favorites on Facebook and via Twitter.  Pineapple is going to be releasing a new campaign for a client in Wichita, Kansas, next week.  I will be blogging about that next week…as it takes a new twist on car commercials and they are pretty funny too.


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