Bad Commercials…seriously, Not Good

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Okay…so I did a post with some good commercials and now it is time to do one on some bad spots.  Some of these are local, some national and I am going to do a list of some things that make them bad.  They aren’t all totally bad…but some aspects of them make the commercials not turnout to be very good.

So let’s kick this off with some just plain old bad writing…Sorry AAA.  You are a great company and I have heard wonderful things about what you do…but these commercials are poorly written.  They sound robotic and the emotion is so fake it is hard to watch.  The production quality is not very good either but it is the writing that got you on the list.  These spots only run in Oklahoma…maybe only Tulsa.  Amazingly they are not online!  They may very well be the only commercials NOT online anywhere.  Hopefully you know which ones I am talking about.  Sorry that I can’t find a link.

Since AAA was spared, here is another one that was intended to be funny. I hope.  It comes from a friend on Facebook and is for Sheets Energy Strips.  It really earns its spot on the list because of bad green screen production as well as the writing.  Funny?  Well you can decide, doesn’t make me want to put anything in my mouth to get more energy though, I can tell you that one for sure.

Another one from Facebook…I don’t want to get a theme going with the toilet humor but this is maybe he worst concept for a commercial ever.  I don’t really even know what to say about it.  I am sure it illustrates the effectiveness of the product but to turn it into a contest…well that leaves me speechless.

And here is one from Tulsa…this is a local car dealership that honestly does some of the worst all around commercials in the market.  Are they selling cars?  Absolutely…because they spend a ton of money spreading their commercials around and making sure we see how bad they are.  Yes…I am now helping their cause!

I am sure that you have others that you think need to be on my next list.  Leave them in the comments and I will certainly include them next time.  There are enough good and bad commercials out there for multiple posts so you can expect more.


Here are some links to some (dis)honorable mention picks…enjoy!



  • Christopher September 27, 2011

    I’m glad to see the sheets spot made the list, that one truly turned me off and that’s a hard thing to do.

  • Ashley September 27, 2011

    Okay, I have never seen Sheets Energy before, and I laughed out loud. Sorry…but I think it’s funny! Luvs made me throw up in my mouth. Absolutely disgusting. I agree about AAA and Danny Beck…where’s Danny?!

  • Jay September 27, 2011

    funny thing Ashley…I tried to FIND the “Where’s Danny?” spots and I couldn’t. Oh the irony. and those are terrible too.

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