Impact of Mobile Devices on Your Marketing

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We all have one right?  A smart phone, tablet or whatever else the latest and greatest technology there is out there.  Have you stopped to think about how you use this device?  How your customers use their devices?  Is your web presence and online marketing plan aware of these opportunities?


They should be.  If they aren’t then you are missing tremendous opportunities to reach your customers where they are most comfortable.  People are searching more and more on their smart phones and tablets.  Here are some numbers for you:


  • 80% of humans own a mobile phone
  • there are 91.4 million smartphones in the US alone
  • 9 out of 10 smartphone users use their phone on a daily basis
  • The most popular smartphone activity is texting, followed by internet browsing and playing games.


Does that make you want to focus some efforts on these devices so that your brand is in front of users?  So how do you do it.


First thing you need to do is make sure that your website is formatted to fit the screens of users on the go.  If you do not have a mobile friendly version of your website then you need to move this to the top of your list.  Mobile users are impatient and if your site is not formatted for them they will leave before your home page finishes loading!


After your site is in order then you need to make sure that your online efforts have some focus on mobile users.  If you are placing on Google AdWords alone you might want to consider spreading some love over to Yahoo since that is the default search feature on all iPhones.  You might also want to explore some options for in-app advertising through Android and iOS devices.  All of these options will help make sure that your brand is staying in front of users as they are going about their day.


Our Surf-N-Fusion program includes advertising networks focuses on mobile platforms.  That means dedicated search engine marketing for mobile users as well as in-app advertising.  On our program we expand it a step further to include specialized placements on GPS devices and tablets along with smart phones.  We can even target your entire Surf-N-Fusion program to the mobile user…check out Surf Mobile!







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