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Over the past few years I have traveled and spoken to clients and groups in many industries and  one thing keeps getting interchanged as if it is the same and it really isn’t. I hear people talk about their SEO efforts to drive traffic to their websites and they start rattling off their Google AdWords stats or their banner ad placements.


Hey guys…if you are paying for a click…it isn’t SEO.  It’s SEM…Search Engine Marketing.  If you are placing banner ads then it is simply an advertising placement.  SEO is about optimizing your site…it is about using the right words in your text, setting up good descriptions for pages and images, it’s about backend keywords and phrases that the little search engine bot can sniff out and index improving your organic ranking.


Sure SEO is about building traffic to your website just like SEM but you are trying to get the most out of that free traffic floating around out the on the Internet.  One thing many people either forget about or don’t know is that a key component of your organic ranking is in fact the traffic your site gets.  Want to know the best way to skew that stat in your favor?  You guessed it…SEM.


You see the more traffic you get from the more keywords people use the more important your site looks to search engines.  They like all kinds of traffic…direct, referral and search engines so the more you can spread out your sources the better you will fare when those results are generated.


So not a big deal…just trying to help you get your terminology straightened out…and by the way, we happen to have one of the best all around traffic driving programs available…check it out, it’s called Surf-N-Fusion.




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