Where is your traffic coming from?

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from Digital Pineapple

While looking at our clients analytics this morning (yes that is how I start my day! coffee and stats, breakfast of geeks) I took some extra time to look at the geography of their traffic.  I talk a lot about the fact that our programs drive quality traffic to your websites and one of the ways I make sure this holds true is by looking at the geography (that and I like maps).

So what I want to see for businesses that are not going to sell anything to someone more than 100 miles aways is that a majority of their traffic is coming from that radius.  Of course anytime you start driving thousands of extra visits to a website each month you are going to get random traffic from outside of this radius but you need things to be concentrated within your actual target area.  If 90% of your traffic isn’t coming from this target then you need to make some adjustments.

For businesses that we have that are more national in scope I use the geography in a different manor.  Sure even national businesses have hot points they want to focus their efforts on and we will make sure that those are the majority of traffic.  I also like to take a look at what areas outside of these targets that are showing up as hot.  We can then evaluate those markets as potential expansion areas.  If there are locations that are getting a lot of people on your site and you aren’t even trying in the area maybe you need to explore options in that market and expand your business!

Let me guess…when you saw the topic of this post you thought I was going to talk about Search Engines, backlinks, referrals, and direct traffic?  I don’t want to discount those stats but that is for another day!  Don’t take the geography for granted…it can show you the quality of your traffic and even give you data to expand your business if you want to take things to a new level.

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