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Session Materials – NALS Cincinnati (Join the Conversation)

Posted September 29, 2011 - By | 1 Comment

This post is acting as the materials for my session being held on Sunday, October 16 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I will be speaking to members of NALS…the association for legal professionals.   Social Media – Join the Conversation Okay…I ...

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Bad Commercials…seriously, Not Good

Posted September 27, 2011 - By | 3 Comments

Okay…so I did a post with some good commercials and now it is time to do one on some bad spots.  Some of these are local, some national and I am going to do a list of some things that make them bad.  They aren’t all totally bad…but some ...

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Good Commercials…at least I think so.

Posted September 13, 2011 - By | No Comments

So I have been in the marketing world for a decade now and have been working at an advertising agency (Pineapple Advertising) for a while now.  It is amazing how much more I pay attention to the quality and creativity in commercials now. Of course I have ...

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